January Favorites

January for me has been a good month, but at the same time extremely boring... Good start of a post, I know. This has meant that I haven't really found new things that I really like. So in the end this post is more a list of music I'm listening to right now.ย But there are … Continue reading January Favorites


Home Decore

Over the past year I have come to love interior design, but still living at home there isn't much i can do. Come to think of it, my interest for interior design started years back. When we first moved in, almost eleven years ago, to the house we're living in today I wanted my walls … Continue reading Home Decore

10 000

When someone that you care about gets hurt, even when you haven't known that someone for very long, everyting stops... It's hard to focus on anything else but that. And honesty I don't want to focus. It's been almost two months. It happened on Friday morning, October 6, and I found out around lunchtime. Let's … Continue reading 10 000