December Favorites

So my plan was to make these monthly... well that didn't really work out, now did it... From now on it's my plan that I will get these up between the 29th and the 2nd of every month. The last time I made a Favorites post was in July and I had very few items … Continue reading December Favorites


Stockholm Haul

I got a lot of things during my trip to Stockholm. Probably a little too much… But I love everything I got and I know I will get some great use out of every single thing. Because I got so much I thought I’ll make a designated post to just that so it wouldn’t take … Continue reading Stockholm Haul

The Wait is Over!

It's here! It's finally here! Back in March I decided to order three things from the website Winky Lux. It was the items from the collaboration between them and Marzia. The Natura Shadow Palette, the Corallo lipstick and the Stella Marina lipstick, all designed by Marzia herself. Now they have finally made their way half … Continue reading The Wait is Over!