This is Me

Hey there!

My name is Emelie and welcome to my blog. This is pretty much my online dairy that I share with you. Here I will write about anything I feel like, it can be about fashion, makeup, travels, my everyday life, but also about things I want to do and my dreams and goals.


I have many goals and aspirations in life. The biggest one is to one day becom a movie director. But the next one in line is to start making videos on YouTube, about anything and everything that I feel like. As an extension to this blog.

I don’t have any sort of post schedule, I will uplode whenver I feel like I have somthing to talk about. Some posts will be monthly, like my “Favorites” posts.


Hope you will enjoy what I have to say on this blog. If you do, don’t forget to click the “Join Me” button to recive an email whenever i publish something!

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