July Favorites

My plan is to publish a Favorites post every month. I know, there are so many already doing it on YouTube and probably on blogs too, but I think it would be a little fun thing to do. It’s a great way to share what you like and are in too at the moment. The idea is to emanate from the categories fashion, accessories, makeup and music. It may vary slightly depending on what I feel for that month, such as movies, books, beauty products or food.

Let’s get started!

I want to kick start with fashion and especially this coat from House of Bell. It has this very beautiful pink shade, it’s not garish or stressful but does not feel washed out either. As long as I can remember, I have not really liked pink, in any shade, but lately I can’t get enough of the color, especially this shade.


Then there are these gladiator sandals from BooHoo. I have used these in rain and shine and can’t get enough of them. Really comfy and so cute. I saw them and fell instantly in love!


Moving on to skincare, starting with this body scrub from Rituals. I have featured this one before in my Rituals post not too long ago. If you want to read more about this scrub I recommend you go check out “…in your life”


The next product is also a scrub. This is the Björk and Berries: White Forest body scrub.


I like that it’s very rough. There are real bits of bark in it. You shouldn’t use it on your face or where the skin is too thin. But it works wonderfully on your bigger body parts.

In the makeup department we have the Natura Palette. It was made as a collaboration with the makeup company Winky Lux and was designed by Marzia Bisognin.

Natura Palette

Ever since I got it I’ve been obsessed with it. It blends so beautifully with each other and I really like all of the shades, shades that you usually don’t find together.

And then of course we have the Better than Sex mascara from Too Faced and the Tattoo Liner by Kat von D. Throughout the entire month of July I have used nothing but these when doing my makeup. I wrote about both of these in my most recent post, Stockholm Haul. If you want to read more about these be sure to check out that post.

TooFacedxKatvonD 2

Last but not least I want to share this adult coloring book called Sommarnatt, meaning Summer Night. It’s illustrated by Hanna Karlzon. As far as I’m aware she’s done four coloring books and I have two of them.

Summer Nights

All of her pictures are also available as post cards. There are some really pretty pictures in here and I have spent many of my evenings the last month with this book.

I want to finish off with a few songs that I have been listening a lot too lately.

I think my favorite artist at the moment is a band called ARIZONA. I find myself liking songs I’ve never heard before and when I check the name it’s almost always them. Here are the ones I’ve been listening the most;

~Oceans Away~    ~Cross My Mind~    ~Let me Touch your Fire~     ~People Crying Every Night~

Talk to you soon!



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