Stockholm Haul

I got a lot of things during my trip to Stockholm. Probably a little too much… But I love everything I got and I know I will get some great use out of every single thing.

Because I got so much I thought I’ll make a designated post to just that so it wouldn’t take up to much space in the previous post.

So here we go!

The first thing that I found was this kit from Too Faced x Kat von D. It’s their collaboration kit “Better Together”, including two eye shadow palettes, one from each company. Two palettes put together in this really cute heart. They stick to each other with magnets so you can take them apart if needed. I also love how there are one light and one dark side too it.


It also included the Better than Sex mascara from Too Faced, I have had my eyes on this one for a couple of months, not knowing where to get one. It’s the non-waterproof one, which makes me happy since I’m not a super fan of waterproof mascaras.

The first time I tried it on I was almost disappointed… I have only heard good things about the Better than Sex mascara, how intense the color is, how it gives your laches a natural curve etcetera, etcetera… A bit disappointed but still glad I finally had it, thinking I could use it for more every day, simple, laid back looks. I don’t know why I didn’t fully worked the first time, because the second time I used it, it really exploded and was just so effect full as everyone had said. Even though I should probably use up the one I already have I can’t help myself but to use this one everyday…

TooFacedxKatvonD 2

The last thing in this kit is of course the Tattoo Liner. I love it! I haven’t had that many different eye liners and my go to has always been one from Kubiss, but that one is a liquid liner. The Tattoo Liner is much more precise and easy to use. I have used it non-stop and I think it will be nothing left pretty soon, and then I will be sad.

The second day we were on our way to Rosendals Gardens and we walked by a Victoria’s Secret boutique and we thought, why not take a quick look in there. I’m happy we did, they had 50% off on a lot of their product. I found two different things. One back pack and these necessity pouches, perfect for my growing make up collection. They do have the same pattern but they didn’t come together. I love back packs, I have one already but I have started using it for work, so I can no longer use it for everyday life. My work is an extremely dirty one… So I needed a new one and this was perfect! Good size and a pretty pattern.
Victoria's Secret

On our last full day we decided to go to the Mall of Scandinavia, and here I found quite a lot of things.

First up is this blouse from Pull & Bear. There isn’t much to say about it except that I really like it. I might have a lot of clothes but I actually don’t have something like this one.



I also went to Cubus and found these to super comfy sweaters. The pink one is so soft and fits my running theme with the puffy sleeves. The white one is really fluffy, cute and warm. Perfect for a chill day at home.

Makeup Revolution

At Lyko I got the Flawless Ultra Eye Shadow Palette from Makeup Revolution London. I like the pinks and goldish shades of this one. They aren’t crazy pigmented which makes it a perfect everyday palette. It will give you a pop of color without being to intense.

Giorgio Armani

In another store a found this Giorgio Armani Palette from their Eyes to Kill Collection. It was on sale for a super good price and I thought; it’s not every day you can afford an Armani palette so why not get it? So I did! It’s amazingly pigmented and blends really well with each other. This look was so fun to do and turned out great! I definitely want to do more like it.

During my adventure in the Åhléns City “compound”, as I would like to call it, I sunk my teeth in to these goodies. For a long time I have been looking for some over-the-top lashes for fun makeup looks, and these were perfect! I have them on with the Armani look.

A couple months back I came across the NYX Cosmic Metals Collection and got the light blue shade, Comets Tale, and fell absolutely in love with it, so of course I wanted to expand my stock. In the store at home they only have the ones in crazy colors, which I also love, and I thought that was the deal with this collection. I was over the moon when I saw all the nude shades they had and ended up getting three of them! Starting from the left I got nr. 16: Crystalized Metal, nr. 08: Speed of Light and nr. 13: Celestial.

Last in the row is the HD Studio Photogenic concealer. I’m using it for highlighting and it works so well for me. Then there is of course the two eye shadows, one purple and one in a very rusty red. I haven’t had the chance to try them yet, but when I do there will be pictures on my Instagram.


At Makeup Store I found some glitter! I have wanted this for so long! To use for some more extravagant looks and just have fun with. The first one is called Helix, then is the mixing liquid, after that is Eclipse and last is Blue Moon. Yes, the gold one is called Blue Moon… I used Helix with my Armani look.

One of my goals for this trip was to get something from the makeup brand Urban Decay. I first heard about this brand at the beginning of this year, then I got the Ultimate Basics palette and after that I’ve been obsessed! So I wanted to get something else from them.

Now, my plan was to get one more thing… I ended up with three things…

Urban Decay

First up is this wonderful highlighter, Naked Illuminated  in the shade Aura. It has an amazing shine to it, it’s kind of glittery, too. If you feel it you will find it too have a very different texture, different from anything I’ve felt before. The pictures does not make this highlighter justice, it’s way more visible than the picture shows.

The two other things are of course lipsticks! People who knows me know I love lipsticks. You can’t have too many, not ever! So I got these two. The left picture is the VICE Liquid Lipstick, this one is called Purgatory. It’s a very rich, deep purple shade with a metallic finish. It was so smooth to put on and has a very velvety touch. Also, it didn’t dry out my lips and didn’t stain my teeth, that’s a big plus!


The last one is also from their VICE lipstick collection, this one in a bright pink shade called Big Bang. It’s pure glitter on your lips. I’m not really in to glossy lipsticks because it feels like they won’t stop stain your teeth and come off as soon as you put something even close to your lips. But I actually liked the felling of this one. I don’t know how well it sits, since I didn’t have it one for too long. But I do think that every makeup fanatic should have a shade like this one in their collection.

That’s it for now, it turned out to be a pretty long post but I hoped you enjoyed reading it. Next up is a July Favorites where I will tell you about a few things I have been in too the past month. I will try to have it up in the next coming days.

Talk to you then!


*Links will go to the brand own webbsite


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