Hello Stockholm

Much has happened since I last wrote and I have a lot to tell. Like my trip to Stockholm for example.

This wasn’t a pre-planned trip, we decided to go and booked the trip one day and left the day after. I work as a consultant for a staffing company as leased staff. The company I was leased to suddenly got a shortage in material and they had to pull back on the staff. So, my manager at the workplace thought that I could get an extra week of vacation in addition to the two weeks I already have later this summer. And so last week I, my mom and sister went to Stockholm, Tuesday to Friday.

Central Station

The trip there went so smooth, we went there by train and stayed at a hotel just a few streets from the Central Station.

After settling in for an hour we went out on the streets of Stockholm. We walked along Drottninggatan and it did not take long before me and my sister had been shopping at Sephora. I found a kit from TooFaced and Kat von D. It featured two eye palettes, one from each company, the Better than Sex mascara from TooFaced and the Tattoo Liner by Kat von D.

We continued down to Söder. We found a small Italian restaurant where we decided to have lunch. Then we walked until we finally came back to the hotel.


I have a simple question: what is the best thing about staying in a hotel? The breakfast, of course!


This hotel had an absolutely amazing breakfast. We ate until we thought we would never be hungry again. Baguettes, scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, porridge and pancakes to name a few things…

The second day we went to Rosendals Gardens. We left the hotel quite late and were not there until eleven, maybe. They have quite a lot to see, their gardens, the farm shop, the restaurant, the cafe and certainly a lot more. They also have a plant school and they grow most of what they use in their food themselves. We ate lunch there. Well… how much you can consider cake being lunch is a different question…


Oh! I almost forgot. Before we went there I got a little something at Victoria’s Secret. They had a 50% sale, so… worth it! I will show it in my Stockholm Haul post later.

On the way back we jumped off the tram earlier and walked along Strandvägen and sat down at Strandbistron for an afternoon drink. Then we went towards the castle and Gamlastan where we walked around for a couple hours. My sister and I bought some ice cream before we eventually started working our way back to the hotel.

Gamlastan 2

On our third day we went to Mall of Scandinavia for some good old shopping!

Mall of Scandinavia

We went too far from all the stores. Some of those we went to were Pull & Bear, River Island, Royal Design.se, Kicks, Lyko, among others. I bought a little too much to include in this post so I will make a dedicated post to all my purchases from the trip. But overall, it was makeup and some sweaters.

My biggest goal of the day was to buy something from Urdan Decay, a brand I’ve been a bit addicted to lately, although I have only ever had one of their palettes. I ended up buying two lipsticks and a highlighter.

When we felt satisfied there we decided to go back to the hotel even though it was only early afternoon.

About half past six I decided to go to Åhléns City to look at some products from MakeUp Store that I had seen the first day in Stockholm. When I was done in there I didn’t feel like going back just yet, so I went further into the huge store and started exploring the different floors until I no longer knew where I was … So I decided to go back to the hotel… but by then I couldn’t find my way out. And thank god that I didn’t! Because somewhere along my lost travels along the vast aisles of Åhléns City, I found the heavenly kingdom; an entire store with just NYX! I absolutely love Nyx, so of course I had to buy something from there too. And for some reason, it was not hard to find my way out after that … Maybe I was meant to find Nyx, I like to think so.


I came back to the hotel around nine o’clock and soon after that, I and my mother decided to go out and find something to eat, even though none of us were hungry … So we just strolled for an hour before we ended up at Max Hamburgers. But what a mistake it was… They usually have the best burgers and their French fries wins by a landslide, every time, no exceptions. But this was under all criticism. Lukewarm burger, cold, rubber-like French fries. And their ice cream machine broke so we could only get one of the two milkshakes we ordered…

When we had finished eating we started packing because we had to go quite early the next day. We were probably not in bed before two that night…

There is not much to say about the last day. We woke up, had breakfast and left the hotel around nine. The train home went from the Central Station at half past ten.

And then that’s it!

Hope you enjoyed this quite long post about our trip. The next post will be either a Stockholm Haul or an Asos/BooHoo Haul. Haven’t decided yet…

Talk to you soon!




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