Tall Ships Race

This weekend, Tall Ships Race went off the bar and of course I was there to take part in the festivities!


My hometown has helped arrange the event before, but this year we arranged the first stop for the ships and the start went off earlier today. Unfortunately, I could not be there to see them leave the harbor. About four o’clock I could hear their horns sound while they left Halmstad behind and began the two-month trip over the ocean.

Tall Ships Race 1

Our day started quite late and we were not in town at twelve. There were not so many people I thought it would be, even though there were still a lot of people there. Perhaps the weather helped with it, it was cloudy and a little windy, but still not chilly. Although, I don’t think it did much for crowd control. There were a lot more people there in the evening for the different concerts.

We walked along the wharf all the way down to the harbor and watched all the ships that had arrived. It’s really cool to see those kinds of ships. Some of them are as old as they appear to be, others so well cared for that you could never guess they were built in the 19th century.

There was so much going on so you didn’t really know where to be. In one place, there was a British woman who performed with hula-hoops and beer glasses on her nose, she certainly did more than that but we had to move on. On some of the stages there was someone singing, the military had a mini-demonstration of their boats while letting people ride it and the sea rescue also had a small display of how they proceed when they rescue people out of the water.

Tall Ships Race 2

The sea rescues’ display was one of the reasons we were there because dad is on the rescue team. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed, do not get me wrong, it was interesting to see how they go about when helping people, but I had hoped they would show a little more of what their boats could do. For example, how they can spin around at the same point, how they can stop and swing.


Another thing we came to see was the crew’s parade, but unfortunately we missed it because it was not on the main street of the event. But we found it online and could watch it when we got home!

Part of the whole equilibrium is that you can board and watch the boats as well. We took the opportunity and boarded one of the larger ships. Shabab Oman II. The ship that traveled the longest to participate. And what ship it was! It is also one of the most newly built, launched in 2013, she is a full-rigged ship, is almost 63 meters long and 58 meters tall, has 29 sails and requires a crew of 90 people.

vessel-shabab-oman-ii-plain2-800x530The picture above is from http://www.sailonboard.com 

We finished the day with American Spin Cream. We were not sure what it was, except they look pretty funny … We assumed that it was some kind of ice cream. It was good, I chose one with half chocolate and half vanilla dipped in dark chocolate.


That’s it for now.

Talk to you soon!



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