Stella Marina

I know, it took a while for this post. But as promised, here’s the Stella Marina look.

I wanted to do something elegant but still simple and of course using the Natura Shadow palette. The Sole shade complemented the light sparkles in Stella Marina perfectly.


Starting with the eyes, as mentioned, I used only Sole on my entire lid. I took it little further in the inner corner of my eye. Topping that, I made a thin line with a golden eye pencil. Starting in the middle of the eye, bringing it out in a rather long wing.

On to lips!

The quality of Stella Marina didn’t exactly surprise me. I’ve heard so many good things about it so my hopes were pretty high, and I wasn’t disappointed!

The application was very smooth. A big plus for me is that it’s easy to get a sharp lip line without using a lip liner, I’m not very good at using them…

Befor & After

What did surprise me was how well it lasted. I put it on in the morning and it had an amazing glowing shimmer to it. After a full day of living life, after ice cream and dinner, it hadn’t faded much. Less than I expected, especially after the ice cream. And lets be honest, I didn’t think a noodle wok eaten with sticks, would do it very well either.  The shimmer did mostly fade, but it still sparkled!

From some distance the fade actually looks kind of nice, like it’s supposed to be that way, and it’s a look I could see myself create. Even in the close up picture I don’t think it looks too bad.

Over all I’m so happy I got this lipstick! Like I said in my Winky Lux post, I think, and now I know, I will get the most use out of Stella Marina. Marzia did such a good job designing Corallo and Stella Marina, I love both of them. Amazing quality and amazing colors!

That was all for now, hope you enjoyed this little review and my thought about it.

Talk to you very soon!



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