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A couple years back a store called Rituals came to my city and for a long time I had no idea of what kind of store it was, and therefore didn’t go in it. But then two years ago, I finally did.

There are a few products that I’ve been using ever since. It’s these five items, all from their Sakura collection.


This is a collection inspired by Japanese culture with a smell of cherry blossom and rice milk. The cherry blossom, or the sakura-flower, in Japan stands for love, happiness and the enjoyment of life. Rise, all throughout Asia, is a symbol for life and prosperity.

The white can is the Sakura Zensation foaming shower gel. And let me tell you, the foam this turns in to, is probably the softest anything I’ve ever felt, in my life! It’s an amazing feeling to spread it and the smell and even the look of it is almost breath taking.

On the left side of the picture you can see the Sakura Spring foaming shower oil. This one complements the body wash very nicely and makes your skin feel silk-smooth afterwards.

The Blossom Water Body Mist, in the middle, if a good way to finish of the entire process.

Moving on to the last two products, which are my favorites. First is this Sakura Suger Body Scrub. Because I have a rough job, face and body scrubs are pretty much my best friends.


This is a very fine-grained scrub, therefore I use it for my face and hands where the skin is more delicate. When you start the “Sakura-process” this is the one you start with in the shower, before the wash and gel.

After you’re done in the shower you can move on to the Magic Touch Whipped Body Cream.


And whipped it is. It is a quite fluffy cream that is easy to apply and feels great when your skin starts to absorb it. In some cases when your skin isn’t to dehydrated it can leave a bit of a sticky layer a little while longer, but at least I don’t mind that.

Of course I will finish of with some facts about Rituals’ products.

  • They have six different collection inspired by different part of Asia and Asian culture.
  • They use natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients. For all the ingredients that can’t be provided naturally, Rituals make sure that they come from safe alternatives.
  • Rituals products contain no parabens!
  • All of their products are produced by specialized laboratories and licensed cosmetic companies in Europe.
  • All Rituals products are 100% free of plastic scrub microbeads!
  • No! Rituals never test any of their products or ingredients on animals! They are included on the list of brands that meet the criteria of the Proefdiervrij foundation (anti-animal-testing organisation; https://proefdiervrij.nl/merken-overzicht/).

That is it for now.

Talk to you soon!



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