Four days of Blogging

When I started this blog I didn’t really know what to expect from it, and I still don’t. Sure I wanted to share more of my life, so I told my family and friend about it. A part of me hoped it would reach more people then that over time.

So when someone in Japan clicked on my blog the very first day I was shocked. Since then people in France, Spain, Belgium, USA, Norway and Germany has read at least one of my posts. That is amazing!

Like I said I don’t know what this blog will be or if it’s a thing I will be able to keep up… But knowing that more people are reading it is really inspiring and I’m getting so many more ideas of what to write about.

I’m looking forward to write on here even more than before. It might not be every day but I think it will be easier to keep it up, and I love that feeling!

Talk to you soon.



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