A Day in Town

Today we went in to the city for a relaxing hanging-out day together. We strolled for a couple hours, looked in a few stores and had a nice lunch. Here’s a few pictures!

There were alot of festivities today because of the inauguration of the new main street.




We have this store called WalkInCloset and the things you can find in there are absolutely stunning!





I didn’t get anything from there but I did find a scented candle that smelled so good, I might go back for it someday… or put it on my wishlist for my birthday!

From there we moved on to Dimoda, a store in similar style to the first one. Here they have more things for your home rather then clothes, even though they have a small collection of clothes as well.

Most of the things in the store are things like tea, candles, plates, mugs and a lot of decorative pieces.





For lunch we went to this really nice place called Cyrano. They’ve been open for a few weeks and it’s a little nostalgic for us to be there since they’re in the same premises as my  mom used to be for her job. Only then it wasn’t a restaurant.




The day ended in the best way. ICE CREAM!


I did end up with a few new things!

First it’s this cute t-shirt with a patch on it, saying Uni-cone.


Secondly, another t-shirt. I really like the looser fit of this one and no one can deny how adorable this color and patch are!


Last in the clothing department is this gorgeous yellow sun dress! I found it maybe two months ago. I didn’t buy it back then because I thought it was a little pricey. But I havn’t stopped thinking of it, so when we went in to the store today i decided to try it on. I fell even deeper in love with it!


By the way, all of these items are from H&M.

The last thing I got was this White Forest Body Scrub from Björk & Berries. I don’t know a lot about this brand and their products other then they’re made in Sweden, uses natural ingredients and are free from parabens, mineral oils and silicone. And of course they are cruelty free!


I’m really excited to try this and I found a couple of their other products that I hope to try in the future.


That’s it for now, time for dinner.

Talk to you soon!



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